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On behalf of the Army G-8, the Functional Area Proponent, this office executes total force management.

This office is the advocate for all force management policies and procedures pertaining to training, policy, doctrine, recruiting, personnel distribution guidance, integration (AC/RC, JIIM) and strategic communications.

This office provides analysis and recommendations on manpower requirements. The office is responsible for establishing a viable, credible, and challenging career path.

Functional Area 50 Personnel Development Office Vision, Mission and Objectives

Personnel Development Office Vision: Achieve excellence in the professional development of force managers.

Personnel Development Office Mission: The FA50 Personnel Development Office (PDO), through its support of the Executive Agent, provides training, education and mentorship to ensure Army Force Managers have opportunities for a viable, credible and challenging career.

Personnel Development Office Objectives for FY17:

  • 1. Structure - Assist in the identification of FM gaps and expand FA50 presence in the correct grade and numbers to meet Army organizational challenges
  • 2. Regain FA50 authorizations throughout the Army (All COMPOs)
  • 3. Ensure the FA50 billets are in the right Commands
    • - Conduct a thorough CSL review including assignment rotation times, follow on Assignments
    • - Expand FA50 presence across the Army - TRADOC ARCIC and CDID conversions to FA50
    • - Additional 01A-to-50A conversions - focus on AMC HQs, TRADOC HQ, CAC, and 1st Army
    • - Regain 1 x COL / O6 billet on USAEUR, recode for CSL
    • - Maintain a FA50 Personnel Development Office (PDO) appropriate support Force Structure
  • 4. Professional Growth Opportunities: Maximize broadening opportunities
    • - Continue Professional Development Program - Emphasis on ACS / TWI / Fellowships / "Utilization tour" standardizations
    • - Develop an "exchange" program for FA50s in HQDA G8 & G3, ARNG / USAR
  • 5. Maintain FA50 Q course relevance --- POI review
  • 6. Maintain recruiting initiatives - Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP)