FA50 Qualification Course Graduates

FA50 Q-Course Class 02-14

Class 02-14 graduated on 11 April 2014:

Front Row (L to R): LTC Guzman, MAJ Bell, MG Dyess, CPT Bennett, CPT Gottschall, LTC Puharic
Second Row (L to R): MAJ Apticar, Ms. Lister, Mr. Lately, LTC Vance, Ms. Galloway, MAJ Gardner, Ms. Miller
Third Row (L to R): CPT Scattonefrady, Mr. Landy, CPT Schweiger, Mr. Carver, Ms. Wells, LTC Hansen
Fourth Row (L to R): Mr. Lopez, CPT Davies, MAJ Savin, MAJ Fromm, CPT Rivera-Lopez

Functional Area 50 Qualification Course (Q-Course)

The Functional Area 50 Qualification Course is the fourteen week ILE credentialing course for officers accessed as FA50s. Students are entered into ATRRS by the FA50 Personnel Development Office.

The next FA50 Q-Course is scheduled 28 April to 1 August 2014:

  • Military: CPT Through LTC
  • Civilian: GS11-GS15

Course attendance determined by COMPO or Career Program:

  • COMPO 1 Officers: MAJ Jamie Garcia, (502) 613-6681
  • COMPO 2 Officers: CPT Tiffany Ramsdal, (703) 607-7808
  • COMPO 3 Officers: LTC Stephen Gambichler, (703) 806-7327
  • Department of the Army Civilians: CP26: Ms Michele Davis, (703) 692-6884.

Prerequisites: Officers must be accessed as an FA50. Department of the Army Civilians must have permission from their career program to attend.

Welcome packet: Students will be provided a welcome packet from the FA50 Personnel Development Office 30 days prior to the start of the course.

Joint Capabilities Requirements Manager (JCRM) Course

The next JCRM Course at Fort Belvoir is scheduled 29 July to 1 August 2013. Click here for enrollment and pre-requisite instructions.

The United States Organizational Managers Association

Gradutes PhotoThe long-awaited 'regimental association' for Force Managers is now getting organized! The United States Organizational Managers Association was recently certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission. The organization will be classified as a 501(c)3 (IRS tax exempt association). The organization will be representative of all military services and will be open to all DoD military and civilian personnel. Membership is voluntary. Membership applications are currently being accepted.

Take a look at USOMA's new website, www.usoma.org, as well as the brochure and membership application, and contact Ken Pittman
(Kenneth.pittman1@us.army.mil, 703-601-0882) or Mr Charles Ely 703-601-0888 for more information.

(Like all similar military-related professional organizations, there is no formal relationship between the USOMA and HQDA, Army G-8, FD or the FA50 Personnel Development Office.)