Recent FA50 Qualification Course Graduates

FA50 Q-Course Class 12-14

Class 03-15 graduated on 31 July 2015:

Front Row (L to R): MAJ Haz H. Anguay, CPT Eric J. Leib; MAJ Tara M. Earley; MAJ Bradford L. Gaddy; MG Cedric T. Wins; MAJ Jennifer E. Thompson; MAJ Terica Robinson; MAJ Curtis A. Thomas
Second Row (L to R): CPT John P. Hartrich; MAJ Eddie Figueroa; MAJ Tony Torres; Mr. Jeffrey A. Bovais; LTC Lisa M. Lamb; CPT Monita R. Johnson
Third Row (L to R): MAJ Michael E. Young; MAJ(P) Kristen L. Brockman; MAJ Charles J. Beirne; CPT Ernest R. Thompson; MAJ Scott E. Bruck

Functional Area 50 Qualification Course (Q-Course)

The Functional Area 50 Qualification Course is the fourteen week ILE credentialing course for officers accessed as FA50s. This course is comprised of two phases. Phase I: Four week How the Army Runs Course and Phase II: Ten week FA50 course. Students are entered into ATRRS by the Army Force Management School Registrar.

Attendee Requirements:

  • Military: CPT Through LTC
  • Civilian: GS11 Through GS15

Course attendance determined by COMPO or Career Program:

  • COMPO 1 Officers: MAJ Jason Ison, (502) 613-6681
  • COMPO 2 Officers: MAJ Richard Hobart, (703) 607-7808
  • COMPO 3 Officers: LTC Stephen W. Ladd, (703) 806-7327
  • Department of the Army Civilians: CP26: Ms Michele Davis, (703) 692-6884.

Prerequisites: Officers must be accessed as an FA50. Department of the Army Civilians must have permission from their career program to attend.

Welcome packet: Students will be provided a welcome packet from the Army Force Management School 30 days prior to the start of the course.

Joint Capabilities Requirements Manager (JCRM) Course

JCRM is a web-based software application that enables the Global Force Management (GFM) allocation process using a net-centric compliant architecture leveraging multiple authoritative data sources across the Department of Defense (DoD). It is the single software application for submitting and/or managing all force requirements (Emergent, Rotational, Exercise, Individual Augmentation and Contingency Planning). GFM aligns force apportionment, assignment, and allocation in support of the National Defense Strategy (NDS), joint force availability requirements, and joint force assessments. It provides comprehensive insights into the global availability of U.S. military forces/capabilities and provides senior decision makers a process to quickly and accurately assess the impact and risk of proposed changes in forces/capability assignment, apportionment, and allocation. JCRM provides joint force personnel with a basic understanding of the functionality and navigation of the JCRM application and its modules.


  • GF1101 Global Force Management Overview on JDTC Virtual Campus via SIPRNET
  • Final U.S. Secret security clearance

Recommended Participants: Global Force Managers (GFM) and members of the Joint Planning & Execution Community (JPEC).

Click here for enrollment and pre-requisite instructions.

JOPES Executive Presentation (JEP)

Also included in the FA50 Qualification Course is the JOPES Executive Presentation (JEP). This is a one to four hour briefing which presents an overview of the characteristics and capabilities of JOPES to senior military and civilian personnel. The presentation emphasizes current JOPES capabilities and provides insight into future improvements and systems. The presentation can be expanded to include a demonstration of various JOPES applications. JEP is offered in conjunction with JCRM. JEP is the day before JCRM.